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Owner Enrique Lopez and winemaker Rudy Zuidema bring a deep understanding & passion for winemaking literally from the ground up. 


Enrique Lopez was born in Mexico in the state of Michoacan in 1961.  As a young man he dedicated himself to becoming the first person in his family to graduate from college.  Although many of Enrique's family members moved to the Napa Valley in the late 1960's to work in the vineyards, Enrique chose to stay in Morelia and finish his education. 

In 1983, he graduated from Universidad Michoacana de San Nicholas de Hidalgo, with a degree in Chemical Engineering. Just before graduation, Enrique was inspired by an article in a very famous book in Mexico that said, next to France was Napa Valley and it was becoming famous around the world for it's wines.

Enrique Lopez

After graduation Enrique migrated to Napa Valley and worked for several years for different chemical engineering firms.  At the end of 1999, he left the engineering field to pursue his passion — to work in the wine industry.  That same year he founded the Servin-Lopez Vineyard Management Company and began to tend the fields that many in his family had worked since the late 60's.  Working in the fields grew his love and appreciation for Vino (wine).  In 2006, he pursued his passion and made his first batch of Pinot Noir from the Carneros region and started his own wine Encanto Vineyards.



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